Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series

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Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series


All Summer Tournaments are ON

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All Systems Go!

$2+ Million Total Available Purse in 2019

Averaging 95% Tag and Release Alive of All Marlin Caught


Marlin Magic II at 33rd Big Island Marlin Tournament

Caught by Keith Hilton

Please Note, New Procedures and Protocol Will Be Implemented due to Covid-19:

HMT Series Tournament Office Open at Charter Desk.

All Entry Fees Should be Paid in Advance.

Limited Walk-Up Last Minute Entry Capacity at Charter Desk and Club.

Mail-In Checks, Phone in Entries or

On-Line Credit Card Entries Accepted.

Unfortunately, we are suspending all Awards Parties due to Covid 19.

We apologize for these drastic changes.

We worked for months to get our permits and need to focus on keeping everyone safe and fishing!

Once you pay your Base Entry Fee, we will email you with the new procedures.

2020 Series Standings

Angler Division: 

Chad Beaudry – 1,300 points,   Chop Reitz – 1,100 points,   Ed Boyd – 960 points

Boat Division:

Melee – 1,900 points,   Night Runner – 1,550 points,   Last Chance – 1,300 points


Series Standings and Catch Log after the first three tournaments here:  2020 Series Standings Catch Log

Self Check-In Station

If you have Registered Early and are looking for important forms usually found in Team Kits, please click the links below– 

For Catch Reports: 2020 HMTS Catch Report

For General Rules: 2020 HMTS General Rules

For Polygraph Policy: 2020 HMTS Polygraph Policy

For Camera Instructions: 2020 HMTS Camera Instructions

For Grid Maps: 2020 HMTS Grid Map

For IGFA Rules: 2020 IGFA Rules (Saltwater)

 Click the name of each Tournament below in BLUE to go to that Tournament’s page; there you will find the Individual Tournament Rules, as well as other Entry Forms not on this page.

2020 Tournament Schedule

NOTE: We will email you a link to a password secure page with the tournament spreadsheet.

The Kona Throw Down

August 11th, 12th & 13th, 2020

Winner Take All for the Biggest Marlin of the Tourney from the Base Entry. TWO Biggest Marlin Winner Take All Categories.

Cash/Check Entry Form here:  2020 KTD Cash

2020 Day 1 Results: Kona Throw Down (Day 1)



Skins Marlin Derby

August 14th, 15th & 16th, 2020

Patterned after the golf format. Daily purse is available for the largest marlin over 500 lbs.

Cash/Check Entry Form here:  2020 SKINS Cash


Big Island Marlin Tournament

August 21st, 22nd & 23rd, 2020

Kona’s first high stakes, big game tournament to pay cash for tag and release AND big marlin. Founded in 1987.

Cash/Check Entry Form here:  2020 BIMT Cash


It’s a Wrap Tournament

September 18th, 19th & 20th, 2020

The tournament that ends our season!

Cash/Check Entry Form here: 2020 WRAP Cash

2020 Results

Kona Kick Off

June 26th & 27th, 2021

The Tournament that kicks it all off. Local Style. Largest flag fish of each category splits purse.

2020 Day 1 Results:  Kona Kick Off (Day 1)

2020 Purse Distribution: Kona Kick Off (Purse Distribution)


Lazy Marlin Hunt Returns

March , 2021

A new tourney celebrating the BIG GIRLS of spring!

Re-scheduled from the intended March dates to the July Dates Above due to Travel Restrictions implemented in March, from Covid 19.

Lazy Marlin Hunt Rules here:  2020 Lazy Marlin Hunt Rules

2020 Day 1 Results:  Lazy Marlin Hunt (Day 1)

2020 Day 2 Results:  Lazy Marlin Hunt (Day 2)

2020 Final Catch Log and Results:  Lazy Marlin Hunt (Final Catch Log & Results)


The Hawaii Lure Makers Challenge

July 16th, 17th & 18th, 2021


Revised Lure Maker’s Challenge 2020 Rules:  2020 LMC Rules

2020 Day 1 Results: Lure Maker’s Challenge (Day 1)

2020 Day 2 Results: Lure Maker’s Challenge (Day 2)

2020 Day 3 Results:  Lure Maker’s Challenge (Day 3 & Final Catch Log)

2020 Purse Distribution:  Lure Maker’s Challenge – Purse Distribution


Firecracker Open

July 3rd & 4th, 2021

Marlin and Ahi score in this legendary event.


Cash/Check Entry Form here:  2020 FCO Cash

Firecracker Open Revised Rules here: 2020 FCO Rules

2020 Day 1 Results: Firecracker Open (Day 1)

2020 Final Catch Log: Firecracker Open (Final Catch Log)

2020 Final Results (by category): Firecracker Open (Final Calculator)

2020 Purse Distribution (by boat): FCO Purse Distribution




AUGUST 8th, & 9TH, 2020


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Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series CHAMPIONS!

Congratulations to Craig Lindner, owner of BWANA!

Craig earned the crown of Champion Angler and he, Capt. Teddy Hoogs, mates Carl Shepherd, K.J. Robinson and Bobby Cherry are Champion Team/Boat of the 2019 Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series.

Along with the cash prizes they won throughout the season, they were awarded this beautiful artwork done by the talented Amy Lauren. Check out some of her work here and feel like a winner!


2019 Series Standings:

2019 HMTS Angler & Boat Standings

2019 Top Money Winners Here:

2019 HMT Series Top Money Winners

Jimmie Vaughan

ROCKED the 33rd BIMT!

Jimmie Vaughan returned to the BIMT for the first time since he played the event in 1988 and 1989! This show was the Grand Finale of the BIMT for Tournament Participants as well as a fundraiser for Wild Oceans and the HBGFC.

To read about Jimmie and his new CD “Baby Please Don’t Go” click the link here!

NOTE: All Mainland Checks must be in no later than the Monday before the tournament entering. | See Individual Event Rules and the Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series General Rules for contest related refunds, such as when no qualifying fish are caught in a specific category etc. | All HMTS tournaments adhere to these same General Rules: 2020 HMTS General Rules. | Individual Tournaments in the Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series score to tournament specific rules and can be found on the Registration page. | The Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series Polygraph Policy: 2020 HMTS Polygraph Policy. | Tropidilla Productions LLC Cancellation and General Refund Policy: Tropidilla Cancellation Policies. | Ours are privately owned events, so we reserve the right to deny entry to anyone, at our sole discretion.

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2020 all rights reserved


We will be updating this page with forms, rules, and other tournament updates in the near future, so please check back often. Mahalo.