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Hawaii Marlin

Tournament Series

95% Tag and Release Alive of All Marlin Caught on Average!!

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Congratulations to Craig Lindner, owner of “Bwana”!

Craig earned the crown of Champion Angler and he, Capt. Teddy Hoogs, mates Carl Shepherd, K.J. Robinson and Bobby Cherry are Champion Team/Boat of the 2019 Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series.

2019 Series Standings Here:

2019 HMTS Angler & Boat Standings FINAL

2019 Top Money Winners Here:

2019 HMT Series Top Money winners


1035.5 POUNDS!



“Painless” Paul Douglas of Arizon stands with his potential Kona Throw Down winner, a 428.5 pound blue, caught from Marlin Magic II with Capt. Marlin Parker. This is the first marlin caught in the four year history of this fledgling event to weigh enough to qualify – and – if it stands, it could earn a record purse! Stand by to find out! One more fishing day tomorrow.


Lazy Marlin Hunt

March 27, 28 & 29

A new tourney celebrating the BIG GIRLS of spring!

Lazy Marlin Hunt Rules here:  2020 Lazy Marlin Hunt Rules

Lazy Marlin Hunt Cash/Check Entry Form here:  2020 lazy marlin cash 1

Kona Kick Off

June 27 & 28, 2020

The Tournament that kicks it all off. Local Style. Largest flag fish of each category splits purse.

2019 KKO DAY 1 FINAL 2.1


Firecracker Open

July4 & 5, 2020

First Place at the 32nd Firecracker Open – “Benchmark” – Tennessee angler Andy Shiels and company with the largest marlin weighed in the 2019 Series to date – 517.5 lbs. Capt. Chris Donato, Joe Byrum, Kenton Geer and Nate Smith on the assist. Kona’s signature Big Game tournament. Marlin and Ahi points are scored for base purse.

2019 Firecracker Open Day One Results:  2019 FCO Day 1

2019 Firecracker Open Final Results: 2019 FCO Final Purse

The Kona Throw Down

July 7, 8 & 9, 2020

Winner Take All for the Biggest Marlin of the Tournament from the Base Entry Fee. Two Biggest Marlin Winner Take All Categories.

2019 Kona Throw Down Day One Results:  2019 KTD Day 1

2019 Kona Throw Down Day Two Results:  2019 KTD Day Two final

2019 Kona Throw Down Points by Boat After Day 2:  2019 KTD Day 2 points by boat

2019 Kona Throw Down Final Catch and Purse:  KTD PAYOUTS Final

Skins Marlin Derby

July 10, 11 & 12, 2020

Patterned after the golf format. Daily purse is available for the largest marlin over 500 lbs. “Strong Persuader” crew with a 683 pound blue by Guy Arrington on Day Two of the 2018 Skins Marlin Derby. This fish earned them two “Skins” and a whole pile of day money. L to R – Allen Stuart, Capt. Shane O’Brien, Guy Arrington, Lance Fudicker and Charlie Bowman.

2019 Skins Marlin Derby Day One Results: 2019 Skins Day One Final

2019 Skins Marlin Derby Day Two Results: 2019 Skins D 2 final catch

2019 Skins Marlin Derby Final Results:  2019 Skins Final Results

2019 Skins Marlin Derby Final Catch Log:  2019 Skins Final Catch Log

The Hawaii Lure Makers Challenge

July 17, 18 & 19, 2020


The Hawaii Lure Makers Challenge fishes exactly like the September Challenge did, we have simply added a category for teams sponsored by lure makers to compete against each other to prove which is the most productive lure brand.

2019 Lure Makers Challenge Day One Final Results:  2019 LMC D1 Final

2019 Lure Makers Challenge Day Two Final Results and Cumulative Points: 2019 LMC d2 FINAL

2019 Lure Makers Challenge Final Purse and Final Catch Log:  2019 LMC final catch log  LMC Payouts

Big Island Marlin Tournament

August 21, 22 & 23, 2020

Kona’s first high stakes, big game tournament to pay cash for tag and release AND big marlin. Founded in 1987.

2019 BIMT Final Purse:   BIMT payout

2019 BIMT Final Catch Log:  2019 bimt all fish sorted final

2019 BIMT Day One Final Results:   bimt day 1 final

2019 BIMT Day Two Final Results:  2019 bimt day 2 final

2018 BIMT Final Results –  2018 BIMT FINAL COMBINED

2019 BIMT Cash/Check Entry Form here:  6. 2019 BIMT HMTS CASH

2019 BIMT Rules here:  6. 2019 BIMT Rules jb final

It’s a Wrap Tournament

Sept. 18, 19 & 20, 2020

Angler Dave Anderson celebrates with his wife and the crew of Ihu Nui 2 after weighing the only fish in the 2019 It’s a Wrap tourney – a 607.5 pound beauty of a blue marlin. Left to Right: Daron Castoro, Dave Anderson, Janet Anderson, Capt. David Borges Borges and Mike Sunada

2019 Wrap FINAL Results:  WRAP 2019 final results

2018 Wrap Final Results –  2018 wrap combined

2019 Wrap Cash/Check Entry Form  –  7. 2019 WRAP HMTS CASH

All Mainland Checks must be in no later than the Monday before the tournament entering.
Individual Tournaments in the HMT Series score to tournament specific rules.
All HMT Series tournaments adhere to these same General Rules:

2019 HMTS General Rules 2.1 See Individual Event Rules and the HMT Series General Rules for Contest related refunds such as when no qualifying fish are caught in a specific category etc.

Ours are privately owned events, so we reserve the right to deny entry to anyone, at our sole discretion.

Tropidilla Productions LLC Cancellation and General Refund Policy:  Tropidilla Cancellation Policies 


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Jimmie Vaughan ROCKED the 33rd BIMT

Jimmie Vaughan returned to the BIMT for the first time since he played the event in 1988 and 1989! This show was the Grand Finale of the BIMT for Tournament Participants and a fund raiser for Wild Oceans and the HBGFC.

To read about Jimmie and his new CD “Baby Please Don’t Go” click the link below: About Jimmie Vaughan

The BIG ONE at the 2018 It’s a Wrap Tourney

Jennifer Carter weighed the largest blue of the tournament, a 619.5 pounder. Capt. Jeff Khal led her to this fish on board “Piper” and when combined with a tag by Wayne Jenkins, they took Second Place in the Wrap tourney.