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Merchandise 2022-03-03T20:08:33+00:00

Welcome to our Wireman® Brand Merchandise page!

USPS Priority Mail is offered prior to checkout and State of Hawaii GE Tax is calculated at checkout.

If you would like faster delivery, please email your request for expedited delivery to

The system is a bit clunky, so follow Instructions, located Below Item Photos for purchasing multiple items:

  1. To see all items, click on arrows to left and right of product photos.
  2. Find the shirt/design item you want and click Buy Now.
  3. Select Quantity by Size and click Buy Now, shipping choices will pop up.
  4. If you are finished shopping, choose the correct shipping option by clicking the little box under the price.
  5. To go back to shopping, simply click Products in upper left hand corner. Your items are in the shopping cart, visible in upper right hand corner.
  6. Repeat steps 1, 2, 3 & 4 until you are finished shopping.
  7. Make sure you Choose the Correct Shipping choice. Be honest! 🙂 If you need faster shipping than Priority Mail – contact us!
  8. Click Confirm.
  9. Check Out. Enter Shipping Address if different than the Billing Address.
  10. If – at any time – the shopping cart icon does not appear and you want to check your cart, click on any item Buy Now, select 0 (zero) quantity and the shopping cart icon reappears in upper right.
  11. DOUBLE CHECK that the system has logged in your SIZES and QUANTITIES correctly at Check Out.

For questions, special shipping requests, or any other information needed, please email or call (808)-557-0908.