About The Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series

About Aloha! The Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series enters our 28th year of creating the "new norm", as in 1987 when we were first to pay cash to teams that tag and release. Description At the Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series, we believe that honesty and integrity start with the tournament organization, and that everything the organization [...]

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Intova HD Cameras joins us for Early Entry Promo

Intova Cameras joins The Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series in providing a super prize for the Early Entry Drawing an Intova HD II Sport Camera  http://www.intova.net/products/sport-hd-ii/ Small and compact, Sport HD II offers full 1080p High Definition Video with a 140 degree wide angle lens. Early Entry Promotion Ends Soon! Entries must be received and/or postmarked [...]

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2014 Early Entry Promo in Full Swing

Aloha: Last year we ran an early entry promotion giving away sunglasses and free hotel rooms and free T-shirts.This year we are back with a new and improved version. There are two entry deadlines - March 1 and April 1, 2014 I. Deadline March 1 Details The First 5 entries of $2500.00 or more, received [...]

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for some, 130 is light tackle…..

  Statistics are a little mushy because of inconsistent sources and overlapping reports when they were available, but it looks like the number of marlin caught along the Kona coast in the past 5 days is somewhere between 45 and 50. Considering that there were 40 odd boats on the water each day, this catch [...]

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Skins Day Two Results

10 blues tagged and released today. Foxy Lady tagged 3 and took most of the day money. Five Star took 2 categories and Strong Persuader grabbed the dough in 1 category. For a full report, go to the Skins page of this web site and click the 2013 Day Two link, or just go here: [...]

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