for some, 130 is light tackle…..

for some, 130 is light tackle…..


Statistics are a little mushy because of inconsistent sources and
overlapping reports when they were available, but it looks like the
number of marlin caught along the Kona coast in the past 5 days is
somewhere between 45 and 50.

Considering that there were 40 odd boats on the water each day, this
catch rate is about average, but not as red hot as past Augusts – in
terms of numbers.

HOWEVER, the truly large marlin have been here and if 38 of those boats
were not out fishing with line too heavy to floss teeth but too light to
make a marlin sweat, the stats sheet would look a lot different.

Steve Spina caught a grander in July. He has caught a lot of nice fish
over the years. Yesterday he had a fish break off at the boat. A fish he
says was “up there”.

Nuff said.

Capt. Guy Terwilliger spent 10+ hours fighting two marlin and ended up
breaking both of them off. Its been reported he said one of them was
about 3 feet between the pectoral fins.

That’s “up there”. Guy knows a bit about his craft too.

Nuff said.

Well, if just reading about stuff like this frustrates you, not to
worry. This coming weekend everyone will get to do battle on tackle that
insures the little ones get released fast and healthy, but also insures
that when employed properly – the big ones will know you are on the
other end of the line – and are something to reckoned with.

I love 130 pound. I love the cracking of 130 pound line when you have
about 65 pounds of drag on it. And, there is just something fun about
making an unlimited stump puller grunt under the pressure of it all.

Capt. Peter B. Wright has an unlimited rod for giant bluefin and giant
black marlin he calls “Sweat”.

Apt, I’d say.

Throw the buggy whips off the boat, boys.

It’s time to get down to business.

One Thirty…….just kinda rolls off your tongue doesn’t it?

27th Big Island Marlin Tournament. On tap this coming weekend.

August 16, 17 & 18.

Big ones are here. Come see if you can make one heel, sit and stay when
you show em a little Sweat.

See ya here.


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