At the 7th Inning Stretch – Is the Best Yet to Come?

At the 7th Inning Stretch – Is the Best Yet to Come?

Seventy nine blue marlin later, here we are at the end of July, cleaning up and catching up after 5 straight weeks of full tilt activity. It’s been great, much better than 2012.

At this point in 2012 we were only about 37 blue marlin into it, less than half of the catch so far this year.

And it is all still happening along the Kona Coast too, even during this full moon. The full moon of June was dead, but the fish have been biting right straight through this July moon. That’s a GREAT signal, along with the steady trades. You be the judge.

Keep in mind, August is almost always better than July. It is usually the very best month of the year, and certainly has been in recent years. SO, if August is better than July, hold the phone because its going to be hotter than a Mexican plate lunch.

The 27th Big Island Marlin Tournament fishes August 16, 17 & 18, on just about the same moon phase that generated the incredible catch rates at the recent Skins Marlin Derby.

Last year, if you will remember, the BIMT generated the strongest catch numbers of our season – and – a Grander, which generated a news story that went viral and climbed to #2 in the USA and ran in papers and on line news as far away as India!

Early entries for the 2013 BIMT are strong and teams are lending an international flavor to our flagship event.  4 teams are entered  from China, one from Scotland, one from Canada and last years’ Champ Jack Sanford is returning from Qatar, which is about as far away from Hawaii as anyone can get on this particular planet.

We had a great TV shoot during this last stretch of tourneys, picking up “color” along the way and aiming a concentrated filming effort at the Skins – which proved to be great timing.

“Wireman” is developing nicely and next week I am off to Hollywood to meet with a couple of the bigger studios – while our associates on the east coast deal directly with Nat Geo. It’s a process….

Check back in a couple of days and we will have catch stats and Series Standings up. With this many fish to count, assembling the statistics is also – a process.

More to come soon, so stay tuned and keep those cards and letters coming!

Or, just send in your tournament entry and come on out and get in on the action.

Remember, you can’t win if you don’t enter – purses have been up this summer – so winning has been as good as the fishing too. Go figger…….

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