Trade winds and Moon – timing is everything – and we are filming Wireman!

Trade winds and Moon – timing is everything – and we are filming Wireman!

Out here in the country, with view from Mauna Kea to Maui, I think we are the first in line of the coconut telegraph to know when the trades are blowing – or not.

It may seem like voodoo, and Lord knows none of us are always right, but when you schedule a 4 week string of events around a calendar day (July 4) after a few years of data, trends appear.

The trend today is that we enjoyed good fishing prior to the new moon at the Firecracker and Kona Kick Off. The full moon was not so good.

Now, we have just passed the new moon and a period of no trade wind activity.

The trades have kicked back in, which is a primary “causing agent” to the current and fishing in Kona. In Kona the fish can be in the region, but the right conditions make them bite.

Last year, my crystal ball got a solid flogging.

This year, I’m just reporting on the conditions.

We can’t control the wild animals, but we can offer the opportunity to be a part of our new TV product “WIREMAN”.

The SKINS is my personal favorite event. It’s a Big Fish event that no other fishing hole offers.

Skins registers and parties Thursday July 11, 2013.

It’s always the largest Kona purse,  but not the largest field, just another reason why the Skins Marlin Derby is ‘da bomb’.


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