Kona Kick Off Final Results

Kona Kick Off Final Results

Final Results for the 2013 Kona Kick Off are posted on that tournament page


Please look to “Latest Updates” for my general rambling dialog, and to each individual tournament page for the “official” results now that the season has started.

We are off to a great start and the Marlin Magic Lure Tournament today turned in good results of 8 marlin from 20 boats, which is above average, so as we move away from that huge full moon and into prime marlin conditions in Kona, we look forward to the continuation of a great summer!

Firecracker Open this weekend and we are expecting 55-ish boats and $300K+ in purse.

We are sending video footage back to our partners on the mainland and continue to develop “Wireman” our new TV product, and the kindliness of the fishing is only a blessing. Remember to let us know if you are interested in being considered for the cast of this series.

Hey, the Kona working crewmen have started their own tournament for the guys on the deck. Look for it on facebook as Kona Crew Tournament (or similar). I’ll be back with more specs

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