wire man color tm slideris our new TV product.

The anglers get the glory and the skippers get the fame. Rarely recognized, the WIREMAN puts his life on the line for the team, almost every time a marlin comes to the boat.

Marlin are great equalizers. No one can buy a marlin to the boat.

One must have a WIREMAN to get the fish the final stretch.

A WIREMAN holds the future of each fishing team in his hands – literally – because during a few suspenseful moments of each fight – big game fishing ceases to be a team sport.

WIREMAN. Hero or zero? In a fraction of a second, he can go from one to the other – but he can never go back.

Production is being planned for cast shooting at the Skins Marlin Derby.

Think your WIREMAN has what it takes? Do you have a great team?

Drop a line if you would like to be considered for WIREMAN.


Must be fishing in the Skins Marlin Derby to be considered for this shoot.

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