Newsletter from 1988 and 1992

Newsletter from 1988 and 1992

Last night, I reached up to grab a manilla envelope I did not recognize off of the top shelf of the book case.

Click the link below to see some of the fun things I found – newsletters from 1988 and 1992 writing about our second year tournaments and what it looked like going into our 5th year.

The first thing that caught my eye was the list of names – all the skippers who helped me get the very first Big Island Invitational Marlin Tournament off the ground in 1987. These guys became the original 50 “passport” holders, or invitees.

The second thing I noticed was the “Mahalo” box to those guys, which touched on how we came to found the tournaments that are now The Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series.

Some folks may not remember, or may not have been around back then – but we started the tournaments in 1987 to offer events with cash purses and payouts that were clear, concise and printed in black and white so we all were literally – on the same page. Twenty Seven years later, this may seem a bit odd because it is the standard of our industry – it is our standard anyway.

Back then it was not, and one must still keep an eye out.

The final paragraph of that Mahalo box pretty much sums it up – “Hopefully all of these events created a new standard for tournaments in Kona, insuring that sportsmen world-wide will continue to hold our fishing hole in high regards.


The third thing that caught my eye were the dollar values of the individual purses and that the total purse we awarded after 4 years of tournaments was $640,580.00!

Nowadays if we don’t do around $900,000.00 in one season, we’ve had an off year. We did top $1 Million available purse a couple of years too, so we have come a fair way.

This summer is shaping up well and early entries are up about 3.5 times what we had received by this date in 2012. Mahalo again to Maui Jim and the Royal Kona Resort for their support with out early entry promotion.

NOW – get your Firecracker Open entries in the mail and post marked by June 15 to save yourself $100. The base entry fee through June 15 is $1,000.00 per team and it goes up to $1,100.00 per team on June 16, so why wait?

As we say in Hawaii “eh, dollah dollah!”

The Real Good News is that they fishing is also shaping up well, and when the fishing is good, the tournaments are good. In the past 4 days there have been 11 marlin caught or tagged with the largest being 518 weighed and the largest tagged being about 400. Capt. Jeff Fay on Humdinger was top boat in that stretch, as reported by Fran O’Brien – whom you will see won the very second Big Island Invitational Marlin Tournament in 1988.

Capt. Marlin Parker won the very first tournament we ever produced – the 1987 Big Island Marlin Tournament, and continued a streak for the next 4 years, according to the 1992 list.

For a look at the names of top money winning skippers of late click here

Interesting, some of the top names of the late 80’s are still the top names of 2012.

The Kona Kick Off is only 3 weeks away, and the marlin, ahi and ono are definitely “in” and the odd mahi is showing up too, so things are looking good.

I’ll be back with more updates as we get closer, but remember – Firecracker Open base entry fee goes up $100 on June 15. Get your entries in the mail soon.

Office is set up about Ocean Eco Tours at Gentry’s Marina, so “it’s all happening now”….!


’88 & ’92 Tourney Newsletters

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