Kona Marlin Tournaments Pre Season Notes

Kona Marlin Tournaments Pre Season Notes

Tournament season in Kona must be getting close because we are preparing to migrate down the mountain to the summer office at Honokohau Harbor.


The view from the Fuel Dock was nice, but there is no security over there, so we’re moving back inside the fence at Gentry’s.

BANKING: The digital age has changed banking, as you may have noticed with many banks offering deposits by taking a photo of a check with your phone etc. etc.

We have noticed that the technology has aided banks in debiting accounts at near lightning speed, but they don’t necessarily clear deposits at the same rate. Go figger.

Due to our geographic isolation out here in the middle of the Pacific, Hawaii banks have always been conservative and held funds from deposits longer than mainland banks, which is why we have always had a 5 day policy on mainland checks. This means mainland checks need to reach us at least 5 working days prior to the registration day for each tournament in order for funds to clear the bank by the time fishing starts.

At registration, we accept cash, cashiers check, credit cards and checks from First Hawaiian Bank and Chase Bank. Please contact me personally if you need to make special arrangements.

Please understand – this is not a reflection on you or a question if your check is good – nor is it a reflection on the tournament company, so please don’t take bank policies personally. The movement of funds from bank to bank  is beyond our control. What the tournament is simply working to insure is that entry funds have cleared and been deposited in the Tournament Trust Account before winners start cashing their prize money checks. It is that simple, but technology has changed the time line – of course, in the favor of the banks.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

FISHING: The trades are returning for the most part and the fish are showing up in their somewhat traditional patterns – the marlin that are here are mostly nice ones, but the number of ahi coming in is the big story. There were more than 44 ahi weighed at the Fuel Dock between May 12 and May 24, with the largest coming in at 171 pounds.

“Right on time” with the May ahi have been the ono and the “known” count is 42 ono during this same time frame, with the largest tipping the scale at 56.5 pounds.

At least 15 mahi mahi have been weighed as well.

This the reason why the Kona Kick Off Tournament has purse allocated to Marlin, Ahi, Ono and Mahi. In the Kona Kick off, the largest marlin earns 40% of the base purse and the largest ahi, ono and mahi each earn 20%. There are optional entry categories for each species as well.

The Firecracker Open started off 20 odd years ago as a marlin only tournament, but we soon noticed how many teams were catching ahi – and they are big game fish – so we added them into the score format and that has worked out very nicely over the years.

We get serious about marlin at the Skins Marlin Derby and created the format to reward marlin over 500 pounds. However, marlin continue to maintain their status as wild animals, and in as such don’t cater to the desires of anglers 100% of the time. In the Skins, that’s OK too. If the biggies don’t show, you can still win with tag and release. Just ask any of the winners form 2012! Last year was a bit of anomaly for the Skins, but the main thing to keep in mind is the format works, and is arguably the most exciting format in big game tournament fishing. It’s my favorite.

From the Skins on through the rest of the summer at the Champions Tournament, the Big Islands Marlin and the September Challenge – marlin is king and marlin are the only species to count.

BREAKING NEWS:        Last missive I reported that we have invited teams from China to attend the BIMT and I am pleased to report that we have received entry fees by wire for 4 teams.

That reminds me, we also accept entry fees by wire transfer and direct deposit

Other teams attending the BIMT lending it an international flair areHiroshi Koyama  from Japan, fishing on High Flier and John and Chris Gamrot return from Scotland to fish on Bwana. Of course, 2012 Top Anger Steve Spina returns all the way from Malibu to defend his BIMT win on 2012 Top Boat, Rod Bender. Don’t forget to get your visa early this year, Steve!

Last year’s only “grander” of the season came up at the BIMT and August has been the best month for marlin in recent years, so we are looking for a great 27th year for the BIMT – the first tournament in Hawaii to pay cash purse for Tag and Release.

DEADLINE LOOMING: The Firecracker Open base entry fee increases from $1,000.00 per team to $1,100.00 per team on June 16. All entries postmarked or received at Tropidilla by June 15 will qualify for the $1,000.00 entry fee price.

CHAMPIONS TOURNAMENT: I have extended personal emails and phone calls to those who have earned positions at the Champions Tournament fishing July 19, 20 & 21.

If you did not hear from me but are interested in fishing the Champions Tournament – there are three ways you can do this: (1) be one of the Top 10 anglers from the 2012 season (2) fish on one of the Top  10 Boats of the 2012 season and/or; (3) been on a boat or team that won First, Second or Third at the Kona Kick Off, the Firecracker, the Skins, BIMT or September Challenge.

The Top Ten lists can be found on the standings page. More than likely, if you came in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in tourney last year you don’t need to check a list!

Feel free to email me or give me a ring at 808.557.0908 to discuss this.

OK, getting close now…..see y’all soon

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