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2015 Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series

Leaders at the 7th Inning Stretch:

Foxy Lady  –  Capt. Boyd DeCoito  –  2,450 pts.  –  $203,486.00

Pursuit  – Capt. Jason Holtz  –  2,116.5 pts.  –  $183, 150.00

Luna – Capt. Chip Van Mols  –  3,657.2 pts. -$174,223.00

Sea Genie II  –  Capt. Gene Vanderhoek  –  3,098.5 pts.  –  $155,106.00

For Complete Audited Standings By Boat Click Here 2015 Boat Standings after bimt

Angler Standings after BIMT Here:  2015 Angler Standings after bimt

Australia Trip Standings to fish on “Castille” Here: 2015 OZ TRIP STANDINGS AFTER BIMT

FUN FACTS (so far):

192 Teams, 402 Boat Fishing Days, 177 marlin caught, 8 weighed

96.5% Tag and Release Rate

TBA, 2016

Kewalo Harbor Big Fish Chase

LARGEST MARLIN – “CORMORANT”   –  848.5 lbs.

LARGEST AHI  –  “SEA VERSE”  –  226.4 lbs.

LARGEST ONO  –  “CORMORANT”  –  38.7 lbs.

LARGEST MAHI  –  “AUKELE”  –  30.1 lbs.

June 25 & 26, 2016

Kona Kick Off

DAY ONE RESULTS HERE: 2015 Kona Kick Off Day One Results

FINAL CATCH SUMMARY HERE: 2015 kona kick off final results 2

FINAL PURSE SUMMARY HERE: 2015 Kona Kick Off final purse

The Tournament that kicks it all off. Local Style. Largest flag fish of each category splits purse.

July 2 & 3, 2016

Firecracker Open

FINAL FISH CATCH SUMMARY HERE:  2015 Firecracker Open Total Points

FIRECRACKER FINAL PURSE SUMMARY HERE: 2015 Firecracker final purse pdf

Kona’s signature Big Game tournament. Marlin and Ahi points are scored for base purse.

July 5, 6 & 7, 2016

The Kona Throw Down

KONA THROW DOWN FINAL RESULTS:  2015 ktd day final

2015 KTD Final Purse

Winner Take All for the Biggest Marlin of the Tournament from the Base Entry Fee. Two Biggest Marlin Winner Take All Categories.  

July 8, 9 & 10, 2016

Skins Marlin Derby

2015 SKINS FINAL RESULTS HERE: 2015 skins final catch summary

2015 skins final purse

Patterned after the golf format. Daily purse is available for the largest marlin over 500 lbs.


July 15, 16 & 17, 2016

The Randy Llanes Lure Makers Challenge 

We will be moving the 2016 Randy Llanes Lure Makers Challenge to July 15 – 17 to become a major event in the Series.

The Kona Classic dates in 2016 will be up to the Miloli’i School folks. Stay tuned.

The 2015 final data here: 2015 FINAL Kona Classic Catch Summary

and the final purse awarded can be found here:  2015 kona classic purse final

The Kona Classic returns to the line up as fund raiser for Miloli’i Hipuu Virtual Academy Charter School

August 12, 13 & 14, 2016

Big Island Marlin Tournament

2015 BIMT Final Catch Summary Here:2015 bimt final catch

2015 BIMT Final Purse Here: 2015 bimt final purse

Kona’s first high stakes, big game tournament to pay cash for tag and release AND big marlin. Founded in 1987.

Sept. 18, 19 & 20, 2015

The Randy Llanes Lure Makers Challenge


Designed with input from the top skippers of 2010, minimum size fish is 400 lbs and 1st Place takes 70% of the base purse. We have changed the format going forward to honor our friend Capt. Randy Llanes, who tragically passed after a tragic encounter with a swordfish.

Teams may be sponsored by a lure maker, and if they win, that lure brand will become the Presenting Sponsor for one full year, leading up to the next years tournament.

We will also be helping raise funds to benefit the Llanes family.



Congratulation to Jack Sanford – the lucky new owner of this Paul McPhee original watercolor!

IMG_0049jpeg (1)           2015-series-logo-web

Here are other examples of Paul McPhee fine art:

tunaschool South-Beach-Break-Mcphee



Click on the image for a free SeaWeather trial with Interactive Fishing Planner from WRI


2015 – GRANDER!!

ihu nui 1058

1,058.5 Pounds! Kai Rizzuto – angler.

Caught on board “Ihu Nui” with Capt. McGrew Rice and Carlton Arai.

The BIG One…..really.


The Kewalo Big Fish Chase Tournament on June 6 has been established to honor this amazing catch by Capt. Cornelius Choy on “Coreen C” back in 1970. This is the largest marlin ever caught on rod and reel (anywhere in the world) and weighed 1,805 pounds. “Coreen C” was a Kewalo based charter boat.


Firecracker Open Winners 2014

fco-jim-wood 84 years young and after 25 years of fishing the Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series, Jim Wood won the Firecracker Open with this 662.5 pound blue. Also, this fish is his largest to date. Way to go Jim and crew of the Golden Dragon! maui-jim-new-logo